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Quality concept

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[Xin Xing carbon] the product quality as the life of enterprise, the company has annual improvement and upgrading of equipment, automation of production and testing of the whole process of collecting information and data analysis, integrated statistics, online monitoring and quality management in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 implementation of the whole process, to ensure product quality and highly stable.
Material selection: insist on selecting high quality raw materials from home and abroad to ensure high quality products
Xin Xing carbon production and use of raw materials in Fushun and Daqing were selected high-quality domestic and foreign petroleum coke of high grade and high quality needle coke, coal tar.
Equipment guarantee: continuous improvement of equipment configuration, guarantee for high quality products
Xin Xing carbon every year for improvement and upgrading of equipment, to pressure the whole production process to implement automatic monitoring, automatic monitoring of heating control power supply control, graphitization, body configuration of CNC wire, joint configuration automation NC line, in order to reduce the influence of human factors, to ensure the process equipment configuration of the international advanced level of the same carbon.

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