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Monitoring equipment

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The entire process of timely online control, to control the details of the whole process, to ensure quality stability.
Raw material incoming sampling and analysis can be checked and accepted before use
• automatic production of data and information collected in time, online integration, statistical analysis and judgment
• semi finished product and process inspection data and information are integrated into the information platform and analyzed Online
- process inspection, raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products testing equipment, constantly updated to reach the international advanced level, to ensure accurate and efficient detection, such as analysis of asphalt with viscosity analyzer, petroleum coke and coke with tap density meter, particle size analysis with laser particle size analyzer, pure milling degree on-line detection and automatic control, and equipped with universal measuring tool dimensional inspection tool microscope, equipped with imported ring gauges and gauge etc.
The data of the finished size and physical and chemical indexes will be entered into the information platform in time, and the data will be integrated, analyzed, analyzed and judged. The quality of each electrode and each joint issued to the user can be pursued by quality.

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