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Address: Fengshan economy, Fengcheng, Liaoning
Pear tree in Development Zone
General manager: Su Dezhi
Telephone: 0415-8188577
Sales Vice President: Peng Yanjun 13514150258
Fax: 0415-8188808
Zip code: 118100
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Service commitment

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1. make the production plan according to the customer's requirements, quality and quantity, delivery on time
2., strict product quality, and do not meet the quality standards of the ex factory package returned
3. can provide technical advice for the use of electrodes according to customer requirements, the new user product trial tracking service throughout the process
4., establish user files, and actively communicate with customers, listen to user feedback
5. factory products quality problems, 24 hours quick response, when the customer needs, the first time sent technical personnel on-site consultations to resolve
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